Discover the latest sustainability solutions
and technologies in food and beverage

Discover the latest sustainability solutions and technologies in food and beverage

The Center for International Trade Expositions and Missions (CITEM) is glad to announce the launch of the Sustainability Solutions Expo (SSX), a new international trade event promoting sustainable solutions and technologies in the world’s essential industries.

The first edition of SSX will focus on the food and beverage industry — highlighting the latest sustainability processes and practices around the world and championing F&B manufacturers and producers that conduct business with both economic and environmental sustainability in mind.

Pinyapel wins D&AD Pencil

Pinyapel wins D&AD Pencil

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Rice Straw

Rice Straw made from vegetative rice plant


Things you may
want to know
about us

Things you may might want to know about us

The Sustainability Solutions Expo (SSX) aims to become Asia’s sourcing platform that showcases global solutions toward sustainability. In its maiden edition, SSX focuses on the Philippines’ food and beverage industry—highlighting the latest food-related solutions and technologies and championing local food manufacturers and producers that adhere to environmental and economic sustainability.

It is also a key B2B converging place of leading international organizations, influential figures of the green industry, and key players in the food and health and wellness sectors.

SSX focuses on global green solutions and technologies for companies to see the latest innovations and advancements towards sustainable consumption and production. It is also a venue for stakeholders to discuss initiatives and policies in eco-sustainability and green tech solutions, particularly those relevant to the food industry.

SSX aims to provide holistic access to an integrated network of information, people and organizations that can offer expert solutions and consultations that show the small and big picture of businesses and the food sector towards sustainability.

SSX gears up in becoming an empowering ecosystem that incubates, capacitates and elevates Philippine companies through global standards to enable them to innovate with sustainable and eco-friendly products or services.

SSX’s organizers ensure that exhibitors and resource speakers underwent the necessary certification and evaluation of goods and services to ensure their reliability.


An exhibition of new technologies, innovation and best practices in food sustainability from solution providers all over the world.


A three-day sustainability conference and business forum with an aim to converge the sustainability stakeholders to discuss challenges and opportunities in the food and beverage sector.

B2B and Networking

A business to business (B2B) and high-level networking platform that will provide business-matching activities in partnership with the Export Marketing Bureau. Also known as the Green Purchasing Village, the event will have a special zone for buyers, potential business partners.

Special Events

A series of special events that will promote efforts and aspirations towards sustainability with other key players. The events include media preview, networking night and high-level buyer reception.

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